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Professional Designation

Registered Radiation Safety Professional (RRSP)

The CRPA(R) designation is the highest level of competency recognized by the CRPA at the Canadian level. The attainment of the designation by a Registered Radiation Safety Professional (RRSP) is determined by: academic achievement, experience in the radiation field and successful completion of an exam based on identified core competencies, which is administered by the CRPA.  Retaining the designation requires continuing education and professional development monitored through a maintenance of registration program. The purpose of the designation is to ensure that a regulator, employer or member of the public can have confidence in the qualifications of a RRSP with the CRPA (R) credential.

Key examples of the benefits of the CRPA (R) designation:

  • Members of the media looking for experts in a field to comment on current happenings, that are affecting society locally or over the world, would consider the designation as a way to confirm that an individual may be qualified to speak on a radiation subject.
  •  An RSP might use the designation as a way to convince an employer of their ability to be the competent person for the job, for example, the radiation safety officer, RSO.
  •  Educational institutions looking for someone to be part of curriculum delivery might recognize the designation as a suitable credential for teaching radiation content.


In 2003, CRPA approved the establishment of a professional certification system for Radiation Safety Professionals. Initially CRPA planned to create many levels of competency with only the last level being called Certification. In 2009 during a general meeting of CRPA(R)s held in Montreal it was decided to abandon the project of a second level of registration and to give formal recognition to our registered professionals who since then have been designated as Registered Radiation Safety Professionals (RRSP).

The Radiation Safety Competency Profile was approved in principle at the Annual General Meeting on May 27, 2003 held in Kananaskis, Alberta. This profile reflects the Core Level Competencies that will define the process for developing the content of a registration examination as well as criteria to be used in the process of evaluating professional training programs in the area of radiation safety. It is not meant to be a specific description of what you do at your specific job, but rather is intended to represent the basic competencies common to Radiation Safety Officers in any job.

The Curriculum Guide can be used when developing course material to meet the competency requirements.

Registration Process

The Registration Process is explained in detail in the CRPA Professional Registration Process document.

Members wishing to write the CRPA(R) registration exam must first reach Recognition stage before being eligible to write the exam. This step involves completing the Recognition application, paying the non-refundable application fee ($50 + HST CDN) and providing supporting documents for your application (please read the CRPA Professional Registration Process document carefully with regard to required supporting documentation to avoid delays in processing your application). The fee is for the review process and is separate from membership dues and the exam registration fee. For those who achieved Recognition on or after June 1st, 2023, there is a 5-year time limit from the date of Recognition to successfully completing the Registration process (pass the exam).

Once you have attained Recognition, you may register the write the exam. The examination fee is $250 (+ HST) CDN. The fee to re-write the exam is $125 (+ HST) CDN. The exam may be written in English or French and must be written in person.

Maintenance of Registration

Once you have received registration with the Canadian Radiation Protection Association, it is mandatory to meet the established criteria for maintenance of that registration:

  • Maintenance of membership with the CRPA
  • Submission of the CRPA(R) Registration Maintenance fee every 3 years. Note that this fee is in addition to annual membership dues
  • Submission of a Credit Summary Worksheet indicating a minimum of 25 points have been accumulated over a 3-year period from the categories listed

The category areas are suggested guidelines and members are encouraged to submit any professional or service contributions that relate to radiation safety. This will allow the maintenance of registration to expand to meet the changing radiation safety profession.

Determination of the credit point value and acceptance of credit points rests with the RRSP Maintenance Subcommittee and all decisions are final.

It is the responsibility of the CRPA(R) professional to record their points and have verification proof of completion for audit purposes.

The RRSP Maintenance Subcommittee will audit the submitted credit summary reviews on a random basis. When the candidate is contacted for an audit they are required to submit the documents that verify their point credits.

Registration Maintenance Fee: A prorated fee (minimum $85, maximum $125 CDN + HST) is due every three years at the time of review submission.

Renewal notifications will be sent via email several months prior to the CRPA(R) expiry date. Please ensure that you keep your membership profile information current.

If a member chooses not to follow the maintenance program, they can opt to rewrite the CRPA(R) examination every three years to maintain their registration.

All Registration Maintenance details can be found in Section 5 of the CRPA Professional Registration Process document.

Spring 2024 Exam

Location: River Cree Resort & Casino – Edmonton (Enoch), Alberta Time:  13:00 – 16:00 MT
Deadline for Recognition Applications:  3 Apr 2024

Deadline for Exam Registration:  3 May 2024